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Monday, March 19, 2012

Resurrection Eggs

Over the years and the children, we have gone through, lost pieces and done many versions of the Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter Story...

I love the simplicity of this version of the Resurrection Eggs.  I love that each child can make their own without a huge cost or having to make each ornament x 3 or more for each of my children. 

Emily over at "Raising Busy Chickadees"  has made these awesome printables to make this version.
The following is straight from her blog with directions to make the eggs and how to use them: I have added comments at the end of each direction.
  • printed these two pages
  • found 12 plastic eggs
  • kept (or emptied) an egg carton - I like the Styrofoam cartons the best because they are easy to cover with pretty paper - Kathey
Ok, ready for the easy directions?

1. print the free download (Click here to print.)

If possible, print on card stock to make them sturdier. The first page contains the 12 cards you will use to tell the Easter story. Each card has the picture and word(s) to describe that part of the story. The second page has a short version of the Easter story to tell to your children when they open the corresponding eggs.

2. cut out the 12 cards

I like to use a paper trimmer to cut them, but scissors would work fine too.  - believe me a paper cutter works so much faster if you are doing more than one set - Kathey

**3. totally optional–laminate the cards**

I like to laminate mine because I have a laminator and it makes the cards sturdier. However, this step is optional because you have this download to print as many as you need if something happens to them! -   I would suggest laminating them for durability - Kathey

4. collect 12 plastic, Easter eggs and egg carton

I found a bag of 42 eggs for $1.97 at Walmart. (I made a set for each of my 3 children.) - I have found these at the Dollar Tree - for of course a $1 - Kathey

5. write the number on the eggs

I used a permanent marker to write the number on the outside of each egg. I also like to write the number inside the corresponding spot for each egg in the egg carton if they get dumped out!

6. put the cards in the eggs

Now you are ready to put the cards inside the correct eggs and snap them shut. - We are also going to attach ribbon on at least one of our sets (by threading the ribbon through the hole on the top) to hang on our "Learning Tree" - Kathey

7. share the Easter story

Have your child open and egg and you tell them the part of the Easter story that goes with that picture. Next time, have your child tell you the Easter story. - Love having them tell the story to reinforce the lesson - Kathey

There you have it.   I will try to post pictures of our "Learning Tree" once we have the ornaments on the tree. 

Enjoy celebrating the season...

#186 spending one last time - talking with my missionary daughter
#187 watching my missionary daughter complete the things she needed to
#188 hearing her heart and knowing the Lord has done great things
#189 taking missionary daughter to her new home
#190 being able to help her set up her room
#191 the forgiveness Rock
#192 the fountain that the forgiveness Rock was thrown in
#193 the embracing of the saints
#194 a fullness where fear of an emptiness would be
#195 husband that doesn't mind doing the driving
#196 hamburger for $1.69 a pound
#197 joy in seeing whole family play angry birds on nook
#198 freezer filling up
#199 Kraft mac & cheese
#200 seeing the faithfulness of His servants

with gratitude...
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