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Friday, March 9, 2012

Project: Simplify 2012!

I am participating in Project: Simplify—March 5-30, 2012 over at Check out her web site for details.
This year’s hot spots
I asked you all on Facebook which areas you’d like to tackle most. Without further adieu, here’s this year’s to-do list:
  • Week of March 5: Kids’ stuff—toys, clothes, and the like
  • Week of March 12: Kitchen and/or pantry
  • Week of March 19: Closets, countertops, and drawers (oh my)
  • Week of March 26: Choose your own adventure—you pick your most-needed hot spot

I have been wanting to organized our craft area since last summer, when I had to move all these things from an area in my oldest sons room to the garage. So, I I decided this would be the first area to tackle. My missionary daughter is a wonderful motivator and helped me get this area under control. It took us two days, but it was worth it.
Here are some before pictures:
DSC07529  DSC07528
Pretty bad, huh.  Things have gotten tossed in this area since this summer.
Here are the after pictures:
DSC07652 DSC07653
There is a box on the floor to the right that needs to go to co-op for donation. Other than that we are done, and we can now find what we need and actually work on the table area.  I feel like making some crafts…

Enjoy being organized~
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