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Friday, March 20, 2015

a day late and a dollar short

6a00d83451e4d369e200e54f6662a28833-800wi There is a saying - "a day late and a dollar short,"

one etched in my memory from hearing it

     more times than needed…

Words etched deep in one’s soul,

Words echoed in one’s mind,

     Words embraced harder in one’s heart.

Words believe.

One always feeling like she can't catch up or stay on top of things,

         or revelations - that become well thought out plans but are not fulfilled -

Ideas, full that come too late.

         more times than not, saying – there is always next year.

Regrets of things unfinished, things left undone, things just an idol thought.

Left on one’s mind.


that things left on one’s mind or mindsets, need to be removed,

     Mindsets need to be replaced,

           Mindsets need to be restored,

                  Mindsets need to be renewed.

How do I replace those deep rooted mindsets…

  1. By seeing through someone else’s eyes  - even if just for a moment.
  2. To see how I am a disciplined person – see the areas of progress, the areas of growth.
  3. Try not to do too many things - focus on a few. Simplicity - in the midst of a life that really isn't that simple –a life filled with many parts – many departments – with many divisions.  

- Such a Dichotomy - dichotomy (noun) -  A division into two contrasting things or parts. Simplicity in the midst of so many parts – each of  importance.

  1. to focus on the simplicity not the contrast. Today is not just another day. It's a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Embrace it
  2. to focus on one step not the marathon.
  3. to focus on one detail at a time not the big picture.
  4. to focus one day not the whole year.

- to focus on today

to seek the one who knows me, my needs, 

     my family, their needs -

       guidance for today

follow through for today -  that is true discipline.

         just for today.

Learning to live in today~

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