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Saturday, June 22, 2013

28 Years of Marriage

In honor of 28 years of marriage to my man  - I wanted to share some love with this man…

28 things I love about you

DSCN31581. your smile

2. you can still me make laugh

3. your love for me is more intense then I always know how to handle

4. your resilience

5. your hard working hands

6. your desire to learn

7. your way of looking outside the box

8. your straight forwardness (you tell it like you see it)

9. you speak your mind

10. your desire to have fun

11. your sense of adventure

12. your love for your family

13. your ability to strike up a conversation with others when we are out.

14. your patience with me

15. your heart for justiceDSCN3159 (2)_edited-1

16. that you love to laugh and make others laugh

17. your sense of humor

18. your love of music

19. that you love random facts

20. your willingness to grow with me

21. your willingness to plan with me

22. your faithfulness

23. your passion

24. your strength

25. your diligence

26.  your ability to move on and be direct when I am not able to

27. your creativity – inventiveness

28. I have a love hate relationship with  your all or nothing approach to life. I am challenged by it but I also grow through it.

I love you more~

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