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Monday, March 5, 2012

Joyful Mother

The late Sono Harris (the mother of Josh Harris and Alex and Brett Harris) said this,

The season of young children is a time to refrain. Refrain from most outside activities, even some church activities. Now is a time to be faithful in discipline…it’s the springtime of mothering. Redeem the time, don’t waste it.”

winter 2011 133

One of the kingdom parables described in Matthew 13:44 says:

“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy, went and sold all he had and bought the field.” 
When I look at each of my 8 children… I see a piece of the kingdom of Heaven…

2010 079…treasures hidden in a field
…treasures needing to be loved,  
                                     nurtured and poured into.
…treasures needing to be led by the hand to their savior
             ...the one who defines them
                     …. the one who gives them purpose
                                 … the one who loved them enough
                                             … to die for them.

I want to be like this merchant…

holding nothing back when it comes to my Lord, my family, my children…

and in his JOY, he went and sold all he had to buy the field that held this precious treasure…

I want to give all I have to invest deeply and completely…

To be that “Joyful Mother of Children.”


I know I fall short every day…
             I know I can not do this in my own strength…
                       I need an anchor for my soul…

Winter 2011 084Over the years as we have been in the child bearing years, I have shared that I love having the different age ranges (we are currently in the 7-23 age range). I have felt that it has kept me more balanced (and I am always striving for some kind of balance in my life).

When we were in the baby stages with complete dependence on us or the tot years and the “terrible two”s – I would watch my older children, my children who were more independent and were an awesome help, who where growing into fun, loving young people, who I could carry on some awesome deep conversations with…     
I would think… 
we will get through this to the other side.    

…and when we are in the teenage years, of hormones and the need to express themselves and share their opinion in everything…  one of my little ones would do or say the cutest thing… and my soul would be lightened and I knew we could get through this too!!! 

2010 315There are times and growing pains that are sometimes, as a mother so painful to watch our children go through…

Sono Harris talked about “increasing the sacrifices we make (as mothers) while reducing the expectation of immediate returns.” She said, “It’s about spending all that you have, and letting go. When we embrace God’s will, everything changes.”
2010 120
In referring to the kingdom parable described in Matthew 13:44, she said the key word was “bought.”

We must buy the field.

Often we think the field God wants us to buy will be attractive and pleasurable, but it’s often bleak, with trouble, pain, suffering, and loss.

But there is treasure in that field.* 
101_1861It is in these times that we need to run to the one who sacrificed all he had for us…
       the one who loves our children more than we ever could…
          the only dependable anchor for our souls, Jesus Christ

spring 2011 136Jesus is that priceless treasure, that equips us to pour into these precious treasures.

I ponder the words of Sono Harris….
and I pray…

017Lord, help me to completely own (buy) this responsibility of Motherhood…

… help me to sacrifice of myself…
                          to pour into these treasures…

 … Help me to let go … to give up control… to You
…help me to wait patiently on You to see the results
Above all … Help me to rest in you...
                                               so I will walk in this Joy of Motherhood.

I treasure the gift of Motherhood...   I treasure these awesome, crazy kids...

091 (2)095

He settles the barren woman in her home as a joyful mother of children. Praise the LORD.      Psalm 113:9

#146 getting to talk to my dad on the phone this week
#147 daily up-dates from my mama
#148 rejoicing that my dad is home from the hospital
#149 knowing your hand is on their lives
#150 Jammin with the Psalms with a bunch of awesome women
#151 praying and praising you with Psalms of Thanksgiving
#152 for putting a new song in my heart this week
#153 for the gift of motherhood
#154 getting to celebrate oldest birthday again, as a family
#155 reflection of your goodness
#156 reminder of your faithfulness
#157 privilege in teaching my angel and golden girl at co-op again... missed their class
#158 menu plan!!!
#159 your grace and patience with me
#160 heating pad for my neck and shoulder
#161 reading others reflections on perspectives
#162 reading son's wonderful insight on perspectives
#163 comedian son's head bob of hello
#164 healing of my neck and shoulder
#165 sweet youth at church who asks me what is on my tree when I see her
#166 steadiness in speech and reading
#167 listening to my children worship
#168 listening to my children play their instruments
#169 an almost cleared off kitchen table
#170 knowing you are not finished with me yet...

* quotes from:
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Amy said...

Beautiful post and beautiful list. Aren't children precious - all of them!! I love knowing that He isn't finished with us yet. Love the journey He has us on. Thanks for sharing yours!!

ChellsenClan said...

Thank you Amy...
They are so precious... and at every stage of life...