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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toppings Galore & Food Bars

With a large family it can be difficult meeting the diverse and unique tastes of each individual person. 

I am not one of those mama’s that will make different items for each child…  sorry, it is not going to happen…

If I did, I knew it would start a habit that would never end and to be quite honest, I do not enjoy cooking that much.

So, I came up with a solution that helps us…  When we have certain meals, I will have a variety of toppings.
 DSCN4414 because who doesn’t like putting toppings on their food…

We will also have a least one meal a week that caters to having toppings or what I call “Food Bars.”
Some of the Food Bars we have are”
Taco Bar 
Nacho Bar
Burrito Bar
Enchilada Bar 
Pizza Bar 
Baked Potato Bar 
Salad Bar

Here are a few that do not really need it lots of toppings…     but we enjoy having choices… 
                Hot Dog Bar
                Hamburger Bar
                Black Bean Burger Bar
                Chicken Burger Bar
DSCN4447 Last week we had a pizza bar for my special guys birthday and hubby made this awesome salad from all the toppings… 
Some of the toppings we like to have are: 
yellow onions
red onions
grilled onions
red, green, orange, yellow peppers
black olives
beans (canned or homemade)
shredded cheese
nacho cheese
bacon bits
taco meat mix
sloppy joe meat mix
mexican meat mix
shredded chicken mix
sour cream
ranch dressing
shredded lettuce
slice veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini) 
now of course we do not have all these toppings at one time…   we pick ones that go with the main course and we  have 5- 10 different topping choices.
With the leftovers we will either save them for another meal that week, for salad toppings or mix them together to add to soup or omelets during the weekend.
I will make the meat mixes ahead of time and have them in a freezer.  Here are some of our recipes: 
Mexican Meat Mix or (shredded beef or chicken with salsa or taco sauce)
Saturday nights I have started to have “bar” nights.  This is one of those nights I do not feel like cooking after a busy week of school.
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