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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seasonal Picture Bucket Lists - Autumn/Fall

Years ago, I read an article by Jack Hayford, called Recovering the Lost Art of Celebrating..
He talks about three Greek words which build a foundation for celebration: the following are inserts from his article:
Kurios is the Greek word for "Lord,"
First, they are done before the Lord—He is the Lord of the celebration. You see, all through the passage in Deuteronomy, the Lord said, "Come and rejoice before the Lord your God."            
Chairo is the verb for "rejoice," 
Philippians 4:4 - "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!"
We need to be reminded to rejoice. Then we need to be reminded that we were reminded. How do we rejoice? The obvious way, of course, is to rejoice with feasting and not feel guilty about it. Rejoice at the holiday seasons with certain activities that contribute to the remembrance, the commemoration and the fun of what it’s all about. That isn’t giddy, that’s Godly. There’s just something about rejoicing that we need to be told "…and again I say, ‘rejoice.’" It’s consistent with God’s order of celebration.
Koinonia is the word for "share" or "sharing."
The Bible makes it very clear in such passages as Acts 2:44, 45; and 4:32-37 that it was characteristic of the Early Church to share. And they shared everything they had… Now sharing takes place in three ways: in funds, in feasting and in family.
I love the seasons…  
         I love the holidays…
               I love finding ways to make them special…  to celebrate…
I love bucket lists. 
            Being a list person…           I love the idea of them.
                   Being a creative person…   I love the creative element to these kinds of lists.
                               Being a somewhat obsessive pinterester…    I love all the wonderful  ideas out there for each season and holiday,   but I forget about them and do not do many of these brilliant, creative ideas,  they just sit there in my Pinterest boards, collecting dust…
When I was searching for new bucket list ideas I came across this format from Lapetite Fashionista:
fall bucket list  Being a visual person…   I loved everything about this picture bucket list…
So I came up with my own version:  image (click the picture for a larger view)
2013-10-02 21.21.24 It sits on our fireplace mantle, where we can look at it daily.
So far we have decorated for fall… 
2013-09-16 09.34.36  2013-09-16 09.35.01  2013-09-16 09.35.15  2013-09-19 10.20.22  2013-10-02 21.21.38
DSCN4403   DSCN4405   
We made the fall pretzel desserts:
  2013-09-27 19.59.49   2013-09-27 20.03.35 
2013-09-27 20.03.10

I drank my first cup of Pumpkin spice Latte…
        (not on the list, but an autumn must)

We made the Paper Pumpkins…  lots of them.
2013-10-03 17.38.25   2013-10-03 17.39.13
We made the candy corn candles and a leaf picture frame…
DSCN4404   DSCN4402
We are having so much fun celebrating Autumn…
       Celebrating the Lord of the Harvest…
rejoicing in the richness of this season and sharing from our harvest of paper pumpkins.
Living in celebration~ Pin It

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