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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gratitude–key to the Fullness of Life

gratitude-quotesGratitude unlocks the fullness of life…
gratitude is the “key”  that unlocks the door to a life “full” - Abundant Living
grat·i·tude – noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
I love how this definitions says the “quality” of being… 
- a distinguishing characteristic, property, or attribute
- a trait or feature of personality
- (Music, other) musical tone color; timbre
The key to a life of fullness,
             is the quality of being…

   an attribute      a character trait     a feature of your personality
      of your very being,
               something that you are.

Living a life of gratitude, 
  starts with giving thanks, 
     but that gratitude becomes a part of who you are.

and when it does-  there is a tune….  a tone…    a color…    a song…    a timbre -
The combination of qualities of a sound that distinguishes it from
other sounds of the same pitch and volume.
   Music tone color or quality of sound 
     a distinctive tone quality
a timbres song is  one “full” of tone -  a steady periodic sound, repeating its values in regular intervals…

      a song full of  color -  the blues or peace; the greens of new life, the reds of sacrifice; the yellows of joy.

           a song  full of pitch – those high’s and low’s and in-between places that life’s journey brings/

           a song full of volume – quiet mellow times and rambunctious loud times.
   a song of thanksgiving -  a life of “living thanks”

                      ~  GRATITUDE ~

   the key unlocking…

 the doors of trials,
     and turning them in to times of peace
 the doors of pain,
     turning to moments of relief and comfort
 the doors of fear,
      turning to words of courage and assurance
  the doors of lacking,
      turning into more than enough

the key that turns all - into songs of praise…
He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise for our God.
Many people will learn of this and be amazed; they will trust the LORD.    Psalm 40:3
I love how the Message Bible puts it...
He taught me how to sing the latest God-song, a praise-song to our God.
More and more people are seeing this:
they enter the mystery, abandoning themselves to God. 

He taught me how to sing…
 the song of gratitude
   the latest God-song,
a daily praise – a daily song…    to my God

He has given me the key -  to living “full”

to abundant life.

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Karen Higgins said...

Beautifully stated...a joy to read! Blessed to know another life-long learner!

bluecottonmemory said...

Singing the praise song with my heart - He knows the words! I am learning - learning to see the praise in the daily for this Awesome God of ours! Thank you for sharing your heart - and it this praise message!