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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Jonathan


Today we celebrate 16 years of life with my special boy…
             16 years of  simple - full life…
                    full, because he knows how to live - simply but fully….

In the past I used to worry about how to make this special boys birthday special…

              trying to find a gift, a toy, or a movie that he would enjoy or play with….

042It was so hit and miss, mostly miss.
               because he takes life simply….

he has a special toy that he loves fully and doesn’t need any others.

he has certain movies he likes and watches over and over, and feels no need for different ones unless it is a new copy of one that has  worn out  from skipping back and forth to favorite scenes.

I now feel no pressure when it comes to celebrating his day…
 because all he really wants is for his day to be recognized,

a simple present to open, a simple meal like pizza  and some cake and ice cream for dessert. 

086  party hats are optional…
                         but welcome
    balloons get thrown outside to see if they will pop..
         so not necessary

    unless you want to be picking up balloon pieces all over the ground the next day.

Pictures are only for mama…

    cause it is rare to get one head on and smiling…  and he can take or leave them.

DSCN3310    DSCN3298
DSCN3301   DSCN3305 Gotcha…

but they show his personality and give a glimpse of who he is…
              so today we simply and fully celebrate him…

You can read more about our special guy here:

               Our World with Autism
         Last Years Birthday celebration 

Loving, celebrating and living with our special boy…
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