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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonathan

 September 2012 002  Today is my special son’s birthday…

He is 15…

1 - baby jon 001Fifteen years ago…

the Lord changed our family's lives in a very special but dramatic way…

You can read about his story here:


Today we celebrate who he is…
                                          not what he is not…

His joy is infectious  2 - happy baby

it always has been… 19 - laugh 2

always will be… 100_8881_thumb

His love of worship is freeing… 14 - worship

His sense of wonder is unmovable… 7- wonder
 232323232fp4_nu=3235_99___;3_WSNRCG=323252557_;66nu0mrj     232323232fp43439_nu=3235_99___;3_WSNRCG=345;945;4_326nu0mrj

His childlike heart is engaging… 20 - be silly  26 - likes to dress up like his brothers 

His desire for celebration and tradition is reassuring… 232323232fp3_nu=3235_99___;3_WSNRCG=32323_536_423nu0mrj

232323232fp4_nu=3235_99___;3_WSNRCG=32323_536_3;;nu0mrj 232323232fp43346_nu=3235_99___;3_WSNRCG=345_39;849326nu0mrj

He is one amazing young man…   fam pic


Happy Birthday,
our special guy

We love you~

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