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Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up – Week 12

We did not do a whole lot of school this week as my special son was home all week.  I thought he had school Mon-Tues. because these were “unassigned days” – which I found out this week means they are off.  I thought “unassigned” meant they had not decided  if they were off or not. Well, now I know… not a big deal, we just re-adjusted our schedule a bit. I am realizing after all these years that it is best to keep a “light” schedule when he is home. 

We official finish our 1st quarter – completing 12 weeks of regular school weeks.  We have been doing school since the summer…. we had a light (1/2 days) school schedule, were we worked on math, reading and some extra learning activities.  I have been wanting to switch our school schedules to seasons.  The Lord just seems to speak to me in seasons.  My record keeping this year reflects these seasons:DSCN1089
I have color coded each season as follows:

Summer – Yellow
Fall – Red
Winter – Blue
Spring – Green

I have my school planning binder divided into those four sections.
In the front section of my planner I have all of our essential record keeping forms such as schedules, attendance forms, course study forms and our curriculum planner forms.

DSCN1090 DSCN1091

This is what our Fall session looks like:
DSCN1096  DSCN1098  DSCN1101
In the front of this section is a Learning Goal form divided into the three months of that season.  I write down the different areas I want us to cover.  This is sort of a brainstorming form.  Next are the actual weekly planning sheets.  I have a section at the end for our “week in review.” The top section of the week in review is divided into 4 boxes – one for each of my children I am homeschooling.  This is were I write down areas for each child that they are growing in, need help in.  The section under that I write about our week as a whole and ideas I have.  At the end of each season section is a folder slot to put papers or forms I may need for that season.

DSCN1105 One of the things I started a few weeks ago was taking outDSCN1104 work from our monthly file in my Office Apprentice and putting a weeks worth of work in each of these folders.  This has really helped to me accomplish work in each subject area more efficiently. 

So, with all that in mind we will completed our fall season on school at the end of next week as  we wrap up all of our November Unit work.

As of December 1st we will be starting our winter season of school.  The month of December we usually work on holidays type units and activities.  We will be doing a unit on Christmas Around the World along with Advent type activities.  Stay tuned to that.

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Phyllis said...

You are so organized!

ChellsenClan said...

Thanks Phyllis, with having a large family it has been a necesity, but it is kind of the way I am bent. Thanks for checking us out.