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Monday, May 28, 2012

School Planning

planning 006   We have just finished up our 2011-12 school year and I am starting to plan for the 2012-12 school year.

One of my biggest challenges this year was keeping our kitchen table clean.  Most the year it seemed to be covered with books, folders and school supplies.  

I bought one of these awesome Desk Apprentice™ from staples, using a $10.00 off coupon I got in the mail.  This made it only $14.95     organizing 002

I will store my planner and key teacher manuals in the front slots.  There are side slots for my pens and pencils and I am using one for my reading glasses.  This will help me keep track of them. organizing 001 In the top section, I will have hanging folders for each quarter to store the copies of lessons we will be covering.  This will aid in planning ahead. 

My goal is to have all the copies made and in weekly folders for the year. 
  planning 005 Mommy and “little one” new carmera 2 004
I so love planning and organizing~
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