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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Dressing Sandwiches

Before we had children and I worked for a brokerage firm, I use to eat at this sandwich shop that served these awesome sandwiches during the holiday season.  We loved them so much that we make them almost every year after thanksgiving with the leftovers and if we do not have leftovers we still make them with deli meat and stovetop!!!

 Turkey Dressing Sandwiches

Left over turkey slices or sliced deli turkey
Left over stuffing mix or box of Stovetop Stuffing mix (made)
Canned Cranberry sauce (jellied kind)
Sandwich Bread

Spread may on one slice of bread and the jellied cranberry on the other slice.
Layer turkey and stuffing mix on bread.
Serve with salad or fruit

Enjoy one of our family favorites~
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