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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent Unfolding - Day 14


Week 2 –Gestation
Day 14 – Expansion

Expand the space of your tent. Stretch out the curtains of your tent, and don't hold back. Lengthen your tent ropes, and drive in the tent pegs.  Isaiah 54:2

The hubs and I once said no to the Lord, no to His blessings…
We said “no” to children.              
out of hurts            out of fear        out of lacking we said “no” - 
Yet, He knew our hearts         He knew our hurts             He knew our fears
and He said “yes”  - He said,  “expand the space of your tent” – expand the spaces of your heart -
and one by one -
He replaced those spaces of fear with  love.       He replaced those spaces of hurt with healing,     He replaced those spaces of lacking with more than enough.
He stretched out the curtains of our tents and said “don’t hold back.”     
Our “no” to  His blessing,  became our “yes” to all He had for us…

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