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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent Unfolding - Day 15 & 16



  Week 3 – Anticipation

      Day 15 & 16  – Preparation & Learning

As a homeschool mom I know the importance of preparation in order for learning to take place.  I need to prepare schedules, prepare lessons, prepare evaluations, prepare our learning spaces and even prepare hearts.

But I also know that it is just as important to always be learning in order to be preparing for life, for the future, for goals desired, for what God has called us to.   image

Early on in our homeschool journey we made a Mission statement, that listed our key goals in education. Later on this was changed to our Touchstones.

Touchstone: As a metaphor, a touchstone refers to any physical or intellectual measure by which the validity or merit of a concept can be tested.

Two of our key touchstones (besides the Bible being our foundation) are:

· Learning is a lifelong process - our Goal is to foster a love of learning.

· We use future career desires or callings for Personal Development and electives and utilizing life opportunities to prepare each child for their futures.

These touchstones are a continual reminder of our goals and why God called us to homeschool.

Preparation and Learning in action.

From the very beginning God knew that His creation would need a plan. A rescue plan.  He knew that there would be a learning curve amidst His people– From the very beginning preparations had been made.

His rescue plan included a willing mother, a faithful father and a new born baby – each continually preparing – each continually learning – each walking in the call that their Heavenly Father desired for them.

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance- Proverbs 1:5
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