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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap up - Week 4

We are finishing our unit on North America.  I feel like we need a few more days on this unit to wrap it up. We will be taking the first few days of next week to work on this.

My laptop, that I have all my school files on, crashed this week, so I had to spend some time working on that... still do not have it working but felt I had to just set it aside for now.   I was loosing some momentum toward the end of the week so it was a blessing to have our monthly co-op on Friday to recharge alittle...

I thought I would share some of the things we are working on:

We have been reading various books on North America, Oceans and the three main Countries of North America ( USA, Canada & Mexico).  I love A True Books because they are colorful, easy to read and cover simple basic facts about the subject without getting to lofty or overwhelming with facts and information. Another of my favorites are the Explore series by Fact Finders.  We will be using these for our Biome Series.  One last series I like are the Bobbie Kalman Books.I have bought some of mine at Amazon and found others to add to our unit studies at the library.


We did a study of the Ocean Zones and made these flap books.  When you open up the flaps the ocean Zones are listed with a description of each zone. We used construction paper to show the water. They turned out really cute and were a great tool in teaching and reinforcing the different zones. I want to use the same printable (which I found in a Mailbox Magazine) to make a game for the learning center.  I will post that when I have completed it.

 We put together out Expedition Eath Notebooks and added all of our papers from this unit into them under the North Ameica Tab.  I bought the 8 tab set for each of the "three silly sisters" - one for the World and they other seven for each of the continents.  We are also using these for our monthly co-op.  My "little one" is into writing her name with curley letters... love it!!!

We ended our week with our monthly co-op meeting.  My unique son and some of his buddies are starting a "guys Bible study during our co-op time.  They also help us mom's by playing games with them while we are setting up and keeping an eye on them during lunch.

 For lunch we had foods that represented North America... Mac & Cheese (Canadians are know for eating more mac & cheese than any other country - Beans and Chips, Salsa, and Quesadilas for Mexico - and even maple cookies. 

Ten Girls Who Changed The World (Lightkeepers)During our teaching time I read from this book....
about Joni Eareckson Tada.  I could not get through the chapter without crying...  My kiddos are always teasing me about this... I cry during comercials, I cry when we read books, I cry during shows... even when someone tells a story... What can I say - I am an emotional person...  I love this series for reading quick overviews of different missionaries and Christian men and woman who changed the world.  They are perfect for our co-op setting.

 Well that was our week check out these links to see other homeschooling families weeks...

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Sarah said...

I was hoping to do the Expedition Earth this year, but our days are filling up too much and I can't squeeze it in :) Maybe next year.

I cry at comercials and books too...and my kids laugh at me :)

Mary said...

I am eyeing Expedition Earth since currently we are using Erika's Road Trip USA. I also cry at commercials, books, movies, you name it!

Brittaney Chellsen said...

ooh, this looks like so much fun! I may have to borrow some of your curriculum. :)