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Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up – Week 3

We had a great week.  Some of the highlights were:

Our read-a-loud time. 

This is something I have wanted to be consistent on for years with all of my children.  When my older children were in school and we had many younger ones about, I found read-a-loud time to be one of the biggest challenges and struggles we had.  I had visions of all my children sitting around me on the coach as we were engrossed in a wonderful book (kind of like the FIAR covers)

But reality always pierced right into those dreams and visions and painted a completely different picture in our house…  complete chaos…

DSCN0590It has not been until these last few years that we have been able to have special read-a-loud times with my three silly sisters…
DSCN0609even Pepper sat nicely for the story…

We celebrate our Art and Music Appreciation time by having Tea Time.  This year I have decided to have us make snacks that reinforce the Bible lessons we have during the week. 

 We are reading through the DK Illustrated Family Bible this year and we are using The Good Book Cookbook to reinforce those lessons.
Cain Able Recipe 001
This week we read about Cain and Abel and made this snack: 

The girls made these completely on their own – without any help from me:

DSCN0617 DSCN0616 DSCN0619
DSCN0613They each had a part in making the final product.

  They turned out so cute. Even my special son came and joined us during our tea time – eating our Cain and Abel Cupcakes and drinking our Lemonade while we listened to Bach.


We finished our time off with some fun pictures:

DSCN0637 DSCN0644

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The joys of having my kiddos home with me are endless…
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Mary Prather said...

I like the listening to Bach :-)

Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

Brittaney Chellsen said...

You're such a good mom!!! I wanna have some cupcakes!