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Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up – Week 5

September 2012 001

This guy started break this week…

He gets the first 2 weeks of October off each year.  Even though he is not a major interruption in our day, my mind set is somewhat off for those two weeks.

My laptop is still not fixed and after several attempts to restore and fix it, I decided to put it aside.  I do not want to restore it to the original settings because I will loose all the pictures I have taken the last few years and the forms and files I have created for school.  I am not ready to give up on being able to restore them yet, but I needed to just set it aside for now. I learned my lesson on “NOT” backing up my files, and will do so in the future.

We spent this week wrapping up our Unit on North America and finishing reading our YWAM book on Cameron Townsend.  The book started out a little slow buy part way through started to get really fascinating.

Cameron Townsend was the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  We talked about how one willing heart, desiring to follow God can do mighty things. The first Wycliffe Camp (school) they had had 2 students.

                        They started with:         2 workers       1 language          1 country 

By the end of the  book they had:  2,504 workers     510 languages      23 countries

This was so exciting for us to read about.  We completed our biography on Cameron Townsend. I was grateful I had copied them ahead of time.

September 2012 058 My sweet “little one” left this picture of her and I on my desk on day this week…  Put a big smile on my face!!!

Daddy took Friday of from work to do some car stuff and everyone was in Saturday mode… including Mommy…   so we took it off.    

The beauty of homeschooling.  We did 1/2  days Monday – Thursday, a good part of the summer, so this allows us the ability to take a day off here and there. 

We went to the Library and picked up the books we ordered for out next unit.... South America...
While at the library... one of the women that works there told us about the caterpillars that hang out on one of the bushes in the parking lot. She suggested we gather some of them and take them home...

                          so this month we will be adding a science unit on caterpillars and butterflies...
Kind of how we roll some weeks.... by the seat of our pants...
Enjoying the random moments of homeschooling....

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