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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School

I have been in the planning mode all summer for starting a new year of school.  I spend a good part of my summer planning and preparing for the academic part of our school year.  But this year I want to spend more time also celebrating the year.  We added the [100_9335%255B3%255D.jpg] Learning Tree last year. This year I want to add Celebration Banners and Treats.

There are so many wonderful, FREE printables on the web to help with this.  Here are a few I have found so far:

This one open’s up to famous quotes about learning.  I love the creativity of this one.  I could easily make with scrapbooking supplies I have on hand.  You can find more pictures and details on how to make this banner at:
Little Birdie Secrets She also has allot of other awesome ideas and crafts.

Here is a youtube video of a super cute banner:

  These are the first two letters in a banner by Amy Matte Designs.  Just click on the image to find the link to download this free printable.
I want to make some back to school snack bags to the first day of school as a special treat.  I found this printable:

free-back-to-school-printables-snack-bag-toppers-465x404 There are other printables on this linked page. On the same web site you can find this adorable set by Sarah Hope Designs.

I will take pictures of our finished projects after we start school.

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