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Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School –School Room

   School Room Week

Over at they are hosting a Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.

This week’s feature is School Rooms. As our family has grown, what was once our school room has become a bedroom, so over the years we have literally lived in our homeschool room.  Our house is one of those you walk in and say, “oh, you must homeschool.”  This definitely has its benefits – along with its drawbacks, but I would rather for the sake of contentment, dwell on the benefits.  We have what we need right in our living space and we have learned to utilize the different areas of our home to benefit our homeschooling day.

DSCN0197 I am a very visual person, so I like to see the things we are learning.  These are the doors to our “coat closet” in our kitchen.  We do not keep coats in this closet, but homeschool books and materials. On these doors are our Biography, Composer, Artist and Poet of the Month Poster Boards.  I also have a Language Arts Poster and a wall chart that we can put scriptures  or the words to a poem we are memorizing. 

 DSCN0222 DSCN0225  

DSCN0199This year we will be studying World Geography and Missions, so our Biographies will highlight the Missionary we are covering each month. We also have a world map on the kitchen wall under our “Jewish Festivals” shelf.     I use a combination of Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Lifestyle of Learning, and Unit Study approach to Homeschooling.  You will see a flair of each of these styles in the activities we incorporate in our homeschooling week.


On the side of our kitchen table, I have a little table that will house my office apprentice.  This is an awesome tool, and hopefully will help me to keep our kitchen table clear of books and curriculum this year.

Also in the kitchen I use the side of our kitchen cabinets to post our chore charts and Doorpost discipline posters.    

DSCN0201DSCN0200In our living Room is my desk and a bookshelf with items and books we use regularly.   We also have a set up for Supplies and Craft items -


One of my favorite areas in our home is our “Learning Center” -   
DSCN0202On the far left are our continent boxes - DSCN0203 

DSCN0207Each of the drawers hold items for one of the continents.  Some of the items in each box are - paper dolls, YWAM young readers Biography, Continent Book, Continent Facts sheets and maps, Little Passports activities, Highlights Top Secret Adventures, Montessori Print Cards, and Animal figures.  Each box will have some extra items in them, depending on what I have found over the years to put in them.  I am really excited to use these items full force this year as we study World Geography.  I will be posting about them and how we use these, throughout the year.

DSCN0236DSCN0221On the door to our garage (I told you we utilize every area) we have our calendar and a poster board which highlights different things we are learning.  I also post each week the Character Trait, Bible Verse and Habit we are working on.

DSCN0208We us a modified version of the Workboxes.  In the Learning Center I have crates for each of the girls in their school color. (I have color coded my kids from the very beginning of our homeschool adventure – 16 years ago) – In these crates are their binders and schedule notebooks.  
This is my Golden Girls box and binders.   DSCN0219  
DSCN0212DSCN0210 I found these folders at the $ store in each of the girls colors. I bought 6 for each of the girls to represent the 6 different areas that we cover each day.  Inside the folders are four double sided pockets.  I use each pocket to cover different elements of that subject.  For example in the Language Arts folder there would be a pocket for Spelling, Grammar, Reading/Phonics, Penmanship/Copy Work, etc.  I will also be doing a post on our workbox system in more detail soon, along with some of the forms I have made for our use of them.
DSCN0234On the side of the “Learning Center” is a pocket holder I found a few years ago at Target’s $ spot.  This works great to store their chore chart check off lists and their check in/out school signs - they flip it over then school is started and then back again after school is competed.   

Go over to the "Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop to check out other families school rooms.

We are getting closer to being “back-to-school” soon~

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1 comment:

Laura said...

Wow! You are so organized! Very impressive!

I also appreciated that you chose to dwell on what you do have so that you can be content. AMEN! That is sometimes a challenge, but the reward is so great!

Have a great year of learning with your kiddos!