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Saturday, August 11, 2012


angel baptism 4

My Angel Girl has been wanting to be baptized for the past year.  A few weeks ago, they announced at youth that they were having a Baptism coming up, so she signed up for it.  Pastor Craig spoke to the group of 4 students making this decision,   about the meaning and importance of giving and living your life for Christ. It was so exciting to see each of these youth make the decision to want to follow their Savior with all their heart.
angel baptism 3angel baptism    She was so cute, all week she practiced holding her breath and plugging her nose, while I counted to 5.  Pastor Craig and Beth (our youth leader) were both at her side.  They prayed for her afterwards, I love the look on her face.  She took it all in and loved being prayed for.  She is my prayer warrior, so this part was very special.

shane baptism 1shane baptismMy unique son was asked, by one of the young men in their youth group, to be at his side when he was baptized.  This young man is a very special one, and has really embraced being a part of the youth.  It has been so fun to see him grow and want to follow the Lord, and it has been extra special to see my children just encourage and love him in all his specialness.  He comes over from time to time to hang out and I just love seeing him be able to have such special friendships.

Loving and embracing these special times in my children's lives~

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