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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the Learning Tree

I have this tree branch in a vase on our kitchen table...

right smack in the middle of it...  can you see it behind the three silly sisters…

2011-Winter 079

for a whole year it was bare...
provoking comments and questions by my older children's friends...

"why do you have a bare tree branch on your table...

well, it does have a purpose...
a good one..

it is to be used at each season, holiday...
to display the activities we are working on... help us remember
what we are celebrating or learning.

Fal1 2011 Pictures 148   2010 029But..

Fal1 2011 Pictures 047Since I am not a very disciplined person...

It would sit bare most the year
(except for Christmas & Easter)

So, I decided to come up with a plan....   a list 

... of activities we could use our tree for...

thus, was born the "Learning Tree"


I am considering re-naming it to the "Celebration Tree" or the Holiday's & Seasons Tree"
... What do you think

Presently our Learning Tree  has Easter Eggs from our Resurrection Eggs we made.


I will be sharing this week what we are doing to celebrate Easter.

Enjoy celebrating the seasons & holidays ~
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