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Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap up - Week 6

This past weekend hubby and I went to Chico to visit our missionary daughter and attend our friends, Jenna & Sam’s wedding.  
2012-10-07 16.59.04
2012-10-07 16.19.52 Our beautiful Brittaney was in the wedding, as Jenna is one of her friends, she meet while attending her DTS (discipleship training) last year.  2012-10-07 20.07.30

It was a perfect day for the wedding and a very special celebration of their love.

  2012-10-07 17.02.10 

2012-10-08 11.39.38
I was able to spend Monday morning in Brittaney’s classroom with her.  What a joy to see her in action with her 5 adorable students.  2012-10-08 11.17.07She is an excellent teacher and her children adore her. I think they enjoyed having a visitor for the morning. 
2012-10-08 11.50.01
2012-10-08 12.06.50

We came home later Monday so our school week did not start until Tuesday. We are starting our new unit on SOUTH AMERICA.  Some of the books we are reading this week are:

 2012-10-12 14.39.20 2012-10-12 14.39.05

2012-10-12 14.38.38 We are reading one of the Magic Tree House books each month as a reader for our Biome Series.  This month we will be studying the Rain Forest.
We are reading the YWAM Biography on Jim Elliot.  I am really excited about reading this one.  When I was a newer Christian, the church we were attending had a musical presentation of the the life of the 5 missionaries that lost their lives among the Auca Indians in Ecuador.  The presentation was called “At Any Cost” and it was so moving and pierced my heart for missions way back then.

Wednesday, we celebrated a birthday… 2012-10-10 17.24.21 
We had a special birthday party for our special boy, the girls made a sign for him - the “O” is a paw print (Blue’s Clues has beenone of his favorite shows since he was 3)…

We had party hats, and streamers…2012-10-10 17.22.01
2012-10-10 17.27.22 Played pin the face on the pumpkin…
  2012-10-10 17.28.16 even had prices for the game
2012-10-10 17.55.15 Had goodie bags and cupcakes with Toy Story candies on the top. (another of Jonathan’s favorite characters)

The rest of the week we worked on getting back into the swing of things and plugging away at our new unit.     
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Wrapping it up~
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Brittaney Chellsen said...

Thanks for posting this, I felt like I got to be a "part" of the family birthday. I miss all of you guys, and wish I could have been there to celebrate with Jonathan!!! (:

Mary said...

I love the One Small Square books,and my son loves the Magic Tree House books. Happy Birthday to your boy :)