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Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 8

Salento, Colombia
We worked on our regular weekly items such as spelling, narraction, penmanship, math, reading and language arts.

For our Unit Study work this week we continued working on our South America Unit.

You haven’t really travelled until you’ve taken on South America.

Thirteen countries strong, the continent is home to astounding natural and cultural wonders, including the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, thousands of kilometres of magnificent white-sand beaches, captivating colonial towns and indigenous villages, and the Amazon rainforest – home to more plant and animal species than anywhere else on earth.

Read more:

The brightly colored buildings were one of the things the girls really enjoyed seeing pictures of from South America.

  We finish our YWAM book on Jim Elliot and completed our Notebooking page for him. We were all taken by the story of the 5 missionaries that lost their lives to reach the Acua people of Equador. I shared about these missionaries at Co-op and all the students there were also very interested.  I had ordered the Torchlighers DVD from Netflix and it came in on Friday while we were at our monthly co-op.  We watched it that evening, it was a great wrap up to our missionary unit on Jim Elliot.  Torchlighers has teacher/student activity sheets that you can download from this site:

They are a great go along for this DVD Series. We will be completing some of the actvity sheets next week as we review and wrap up our unit on South America.

  We tried letting our butterfly go...

So we decided to put it back in it's container and try again on another day.

We finished out week our by making Fall cupcakes:

My unique son, who is a Junior in High School, made a video of a devotion he was posting to the devotion YWAM site that his 24/7 team had.  He thought it would be great to have daily/weekly devotions like they had during their summer program.  The director of 24/7 told him to go for it. So, he is organizing that.  I am going to make a course out of it for school credit... lifestyle of learinging at it's best.  I will make a detail post on how I do this in the next few weeks.   The video is just a test for his actual devotion he filmed.  I will include that in the post to come...

That is our wrap up.

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Mary Prather said...

Hi Kathey - thanks for linking with Collage Friday. I'm checking out the Torchlighter series right now. Thank you!! Looks like you had a great week :-)