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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Crafts - Peep S’more Kits

I know that Easter is over, but I could not resist sharing one more idea this year. So, enjoy some after holiday crafts or get a jumps start on next years planning.~

Celebrate Easter


The tag says:

*Place chocolate on graham cracker half *Place peep on top of chocolate *Microwave 10-15 seconds & watch *Top off with other graham cracker half & enjoy the gooey goodness. Your one of my favorite Peeps Happy Easter!

Aren’t these the cutest gift idea.  I found some bag toppers to put on these.

image  When you like  on facebook – they will send you the download for different toppers.

You could but the items in a sandwich zip lock bag, add the topper… and you have  a great easy gift to give to teachers, friends or just to surprise the kiddos for a quick snack.

These are just the peeps in a bag – if you snag allot of these on clearance after Easter this would also be a cute idea!!!

Check out Its Written on the Walls – neat site with all sorts of wonderful ideas from decorating to party planning to recipes.  (one of my new favorite sites).

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