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Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Bucket Lists




Spending some time evaluating 2014 goals and setting new ones for 2015. One of the goals I had last year was to celebrate the Holidays and Seasons. I started creating these picture Bucket Lists to help simplify that process yet have a visual, tangible way to remember to create some fun yet simple memories.  I love that these lists are not so overwhelming (usually my to do list go on and on).  Some of the ideas are very simple – like put our winter pillows and blankets.  This simple act just invites the cooler weather. There is nothing like cuddling up in a warm, fuzzy blanket.

Here are some links to some of our previous

Picture Bucket Lists.


Autumn Bucket Lists

Thanksgiving Bucket List

Seasonal Bucket Lists

I was able to be faithful on half of the Season lists (Autumn & Winter). I also created lists for most of the holidays and we completed anywhere from 80-90% of the items on these lists.  I was happy with our progress this year and I want to continue with celebrating the holidays, via our Picture Bucket Lists, this coming year.  I will be making the rest of the Season Bucket Lists for 2015 and continuing to update and celebrate with the Holiday Bucket Lists.  Above is our Winter Bucket List and below are our New Years and Valentine Bucket lists. You can click on the pictures and it will enlarge the list so you can see it better.

image          image

I love being able to look back on the progress we have made and the memories we are creating. 

keeping special moments alive~

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