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Friday, December 19, 2014

Advent–Week 3

<b>Isaiah 9:6</b>  

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given,

           and the government will be on his shoulder,

         and he will be called,

     Wonderful – Counselor,

   Mighty God,

       Everlasting Father,

  Prince of Peace,     Isaiah 9:6





                           This week we light the 3rd candle –

                                          the candle of Joy.



                 I love of the Jubilee Bible describes the coming of the Messiah as the -

   the Wonderful One, 

The Counselor,

The God,                 The Mighty One,

The Eternal Father,                         The Prince of Peace.

In the midst of a dark world -  The God came to earth

He came not as a king – but as a humble baby – one full of awe and wonder…

We just celebrated our 3rd child’s birthday – he was born 4 days before Christmas.

His due date was January 4th – but I wanted so deeply to have him with us in the flesh at Christmas.

I so anticipated his birth – so yearned to be able to hold him, to experience the Joy of  having  him with us.

And after 2 false labors –

God honored that desire and he was born in time for Christmas.  

There is such an awe and wonder that surrounds the birth of a baby.

     Such a fullness of Joy that comes over you,

When you look into their face – All seems right with the world.

As I reflect upon the birth of Jesus – the promised Messiah I ponder…

how most of the world… clouded by its own expectations,

             hardened  by its own perceptions,

                    darkened by its own preconceived notions – missed him – they did not know he had arrived.

but Mary & Joseph, the Shepherds, the Angels, the Magi all looked into that babies face and saw -

         The Promised One, The One Who Would Save,  The One who who was The Wonderful One…

The One Who would one day Counsel and console many.

  Simeon knew  -

he had been waiting and waiting for the promised one…

Simeon’s overwhelming reply,

when he first saw and held that baby -

“for my eyes have seen your salvation”

Simeon’s soul felt his worth.

This weary old man felt  the thrill of hope,

and for the world he would soon leave behind – he rejoiced,

knowing that a new and glorious time was coming -

for the Wonderful One  had now arrived.



May Joy and gladness overwhelm you as you look into the eyes of your savior~

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