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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Celebrating Thanksgiving

image  Thanksgiving Bucket List

This is our Thanksgiving Bucket List.   I shared about wanting a fun way to celebrate the seasons and the holidays with Bucket Lists.  We made a new bucket list for Thanksgiving, after completing our Autumn Bucket List.  We have half of the items on t2013-10-02 22.26.26he list completed.  We will be doing the Thanksgiving Tree Devotion this week and next (before we move into our Advent season.  We have completed the Thanksgiving Menu, The Subway Art the Thanksgiving Banner, and the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes.  We are making the rolls for dinner on Thanksgiving Day and the reading our favorite Christmas Book, A Turkey for Thanksgiving.  My giving son loves this book (loved hearing it when he was a child) and reads it to the three silly sisters each year now.

As I am reflecting on some past thoughts of Thanksgiving. I am reminded of how important it is to not only give thanks but to live thanks.

Thanksgiving Reflections


Give Thanks

fractal thanksgiving quotes pictures       hd thanksgiving quotes pictures

I love these two quotes.   They go beyond the words of Thanks…

Giving Thanks each and every day, not just on Thanksgiving, invites …

                                 cultivates an attitude of thanks living, but I do not want it to stop there…

        I want that attitude of Thanksgiving - of Thanks-living to  not only be a noun, (a state of being)
                         but to be a verb,  expressed in action and service… 

                                        an expression a love and grace to those around me.

Living out those words of thanks in action~
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