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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn Bucket Lists

Autumn is definitely  my favorite season with all the beautiful colors, crisp weather, shorter days leading to more comfy evenings wrapping up with fuzzy blankets and sweater weather, sipping apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. Making endless meals of soups and casseroles for my family.  I love lists, creating lists and checking off list – It really is a passion of mine. Last year I started creating bucket lists to help celebrate the holidays and this year, I though I would take it a step further and create bucket lists for each of the four seasons along with each of the holidays.  I wanted them to be simple, yet visually appealing. I created a basic template – one that could easily be changed each year to try new projects.  The one on the left was our 2013 Fall Bucket List.  I took that same format to create my template. 

        Our 2013 Fall Bucket List                                            Our 2014 Autumn Bucket List

[image3.png]    imageI

Here are some of the items we have included on our Autumn/Fall Bucket Lists: You can click on the picture of the Bucket List to see an enlarged version of the list.

Here is our Halloween Picture Bucket List.

image   image

List with Trick or Treat option                     List with Book “Too Many Pumpkins”

Some of the items that we have completed are:

Hang Fall Decorations and Wreath

Make Candles out of Candy Corn

Make Owl Cupcakes

Make paper pumpkins

Make Dinner in a Pumpkin

Read Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White

Make Fall Pretzel Treats

Make Fall and Pumpkin Shaped Muffins ( Recipe)

Make Ghoulish Delight Dessert

Make Peeps Hot Chocolate ( Recipe)

Make Candy Corn Fruit or Jello Cups (Recipe)

We love finding fun and simple ways to celebrate the seasons of life and those special days of celebration.  Having Bucket Lists helps to focus on these special memory making moments.

~Enjoying Autumn

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