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Friday, September 13, 2013

Framing the Moments

I remember when I first started having children, asking my mom questions about myself as a baby… 
When did I do this… when did I do that… did I do this or that…
She tried to remember and gave some sort of answer for a few of the questions… and then she said something that was so profound and yet so deeply aching…
“with all the work that had to be done, who had time to ooh and ah.”
I remember thinking…        I never want to stop oohing and ahing.

and for years I did not…

with each child the excitement of all the firsts and cute little things that each child would do, was still so special and  with each added child there was more to join in the chorus of oohs and ahs.

But as more years passed by and children grew older…
          responsibilities, along with needs grew greater…
                 time seemed shorter and the “work,”
 - that never ending list of things to do, grew longer.

It was in that place that I began to loose some of that sense of wonder,  
          that sense of noticing all those special, wonderful everyday moments. 
       My senses became somewhat dimmer and my awareness a little duller. 
I began to  focus more on the work instead of the moments.
So I have been asking the Creator…
                         the one who allows us to be a part of His grand masterpieces,
                                 each and every day -   a new canvas waiting to be created.
I have been asking Him,
to open my eyes to see…   
                   to awaken my heart to experience,
                                       to awaken my hands to receive.

to show me how to frame each moment -  each gift
                 to hold it close…
                       and to
                  ooh and ah
Lord, I want to see, I need to see you in the everyday moments of my life  Open the  eyes of my hearts, so that I may slow down and experience  the fullness of each  frame, each gift that you give me,  that I may see  – the precious moments, the messes, the simple, the chaos of everyday life as sacred – as a part of your masterpiece.

simply living~

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