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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beauties and Birthdays

We were able to celebrate birthday for  two of our beauties this weekend at one of my favorite beautiful places to be.
This week
our Angel Girl turned 12
our Golden Girl turned 14.
They are growing up into such beautiful young woman.
We surprised these two beauties by taking them to the YWAM base that my missionary daughter is serving on and stayed the weekend . The past few years they have not been able to celebrate with their oldest sissy… who they adore…
DSCN3680So we packed up a suitcase and loaded the car up, while our unique son took them out for a soda.  When they got back we told them we were going somewhere for the day for a family outing for their birthdays…  oh the excitement.    We took our special son, little one and unique son with us and headed off for our adventure.  DSCN3693
Half way through the trip they began to wonder, but they did not ask any questions… until we stopped at a gas station we always stop at on our way to seeing their big sister.
When we arrived our missionary daughter had our cabin decorated for a birthday party.  DSCN3703We had a wonderful cabin with a wonderful view and enough room to move around and be comfortable.  We got settled in and then went for a swim at the pool on the base, while hubby went into town to get some food for the weekend.
 DSCN3714After hubby returned and the swim was done, unique son was off with his friends from theDSCN3734 base and missionary daughter was off to take engagement pictures for a couple on the base. We went to the playground and the girly girls did a little exploring…It was a beautiful day.  
   The next day was filled with deer observation, hikes and exploration, more swimming, a trip into town for the girlies to do a little shopping, a mini rain storm, a lesson in how to properly kill a rattlesnake, special son learning how to ride a bike and a birthday party celebration ending with a popcorn filled movie night. 
DSCN3774    DSCN3817
DSCN3822   DSCN3813
 DSCN3888    DSCN3831
 DSCN3854   DSCN3868
DSCN3900   DSCN3904 
A full day at a place filled with the fullness of God’s Glory and beauty.
DSCN3748 DSCN3740
A weekend filled with memories…
     A weekend living life to the fullness….
           A weekend of celebration for the birth and life of these two incredible daughters…
DSCN3999 DSCN4000
My heart is full.
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