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Thursday, September 19, 2013

8 Things I want to tell My Hubby

I was reading a blog the other day about encouraging our husbands and they shared some things that they wanted their husband to know.  It got me thinking about what things I would like to tell my hubby…

so being the list person I am…

I compiled a list:


8 things I want to tell my Hubby

1. I am proud of who you are.  You are unique and I appreciate who you are.

2. You are a dedicated Father.  You physically work long and hard  for your family and you still try to find time to do special outings with your kids.

3. You are the best husband for me.  You balance me out, you stretch me and challenge me to look at life from a different perspective.

4. You are a faithful man…

5. I appreciate the little things you do, even though I do not tell you… the years of car trips, car pick ups and drop offs, errand running, always being open to me having time out with friends, or serving somewhere.

 6. You are a dedicated provider…

 7. I want to grow old with you – to dream with you – to sit on the porch together, in the cool breeze of the evening, smiling because we know we are so blessed.

 8. I love you more – today, tomorrow and forever and your love for me still takes my breath away.


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