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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amazing Grace

As I was praying this morning, I paused for a moment to praise the Lord and listen to the sound of the wind chimes from my front porch.
They are designed to play the song “amazing grace”  but only if the notes are all played in the right order.  Every once in awhile I will recognize part of the tune as a few notes play in succession together, but most of the time they chaotically play a random tune….   but a beautiful one.

I was thinking about how my life is like that some days…
                 well most days.

I have a plan…   a way that I would like my day to look.   An ordered pattern of how it should flow.  I think that if it flows this way, I would accomplish all I want to do.  I would be able to do all I set out for us to do for that day.   I would feel successful and accomplished.  All my lists would be checked off.  It would be amazing….

But, I realize that is not how  life is or works.

I have days… even weeks like this one - where I feel like I am disorganized (yes, super organized, planner me ), in need of some time to sort out our schedule. Realizing our life is  in need of some grace and His plan…

I find a notch of time and energy all at that same time…
          but it happens to be at 10 pm and goes until 2 am,
              but that notch of time was so productive and creative .

That time was filled with the creativity and the grace of my God, who knows what my days look like,
                   who knows what my children need, who knows what I need...

 That Amazing Grace

and He reminded me that I can make plans and He can help me lay out our plan… 
                               BUT I need to trust Him with the plan.

and the Lord took me on a little word study again…   another one of those powerful little conjunctions-
BUT - conjunction
—used to introduce a statement that adds something to a previous statement and usually contrasts with it in some way
: other than —used in speech at the beginning of a sentence that expresses surprise, shock
that little word but… full of contrast, yet adding so much more to the previous.

So my day today is…   well off, I woke up at my normal time and got my special boy ready for school, prayed for my unique son before he left to walk to school.
Funny I prayed for both of us to be filled with His grace and to walk in His plan for us today.  I prayed for that same thing for my special son.  That he would walk in His saviors plan for him today.   
Unique son called and had left his backpack at home (took the wrong bag), not having a car during the day (hubby is having to use it as his has not passed smog).  So he walked home to get the right bag, and a note since he would be late.

then, I went to lay down and cuddle with my little one, just for a while and I feel back to sleep…  who wouldn’t with only 4 hours of sleep.

                  so  now my morning was starting off…    my day started off the plan.   chaotic.

So, as I sit here on the coach… needing some grace…   some amazing grace.
                                I hear this chaotic, random song. 

and it is beautiful -  full of quit moments - full of vibrant moments - full  of chaos…

                                               but Full

I look for grace,  in the plans that I  lay out,


DSCN4176He gives me amazing grace… 

 the grace that comes from the plans He lays out  for me.
           and His grace…  His amazing grace is Full.


We should make plans but counting on God to direct us.
                                                                     Proverbs 16:9

living in the fullness of His amazing grace.

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