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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Shekinah - 7

Shekinah is the "baby" of the Chellsen Clan - but far from having the baby mentality.  She actually is more like a "little Mama."  David always calls her my "mini me"  because she looks so much like me.  I tell people - "The Chellsen genes are strong - I had to have 8 to have one look like me." Shekinah has been busy this year loosing teeth and starting to grow new ones.  David and I reflect often these past few years as we enter the last of .... (diapers, preschool years, wanting to sleep in our bed, etc.) Shekinah still likes to crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night.  
So we haven't quite seen the last of that yet. Shekinah also loves to sing and during the Christmas performance for church - hers was the loudest voice during one of the songs.  She has no problem keeping up with her sisters and loves to read and is so proud she has homework for co-op like her sisters. This year for Co-op we are studying the states and learning about early American History and she is loving it. She is a little whiz on the computer and learns allot from that vehicle. Shekinah is a very loving and encouraging sister to her brothers and sisters.  She is always telling people - "good job."  We are so proud of her love and heart for others and her love to learn.

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