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Saturday, December 31, 2011



Jonathan started high school this year at our county special needs school.  He still loves going to school and riding the bus.  He adjusted really well to a new school and his teachers are wonderful and all of the people who work with him are very encouraging and enjoyable to work with.
Jonathan loves our morning devotion time together before he goes to school.  He is also great about unloading the dishwasher before he leaves for school in the morning.

He has gotten so tall and is almost as tall as Alex.  Soon he will probably be the tallest.

Jonathan started attending service at church with David and I and the older children. He does really well during service and loves to worship. When the music starts he gets all excited. Many people have told us how much they love watching him enjoy worship and want to jump and get excited like he does. He has such a freedom in that area. Such a joy to watch.

Jonathan has taken a liking to certain clothes and style this year and lately he has wanted to make his hair stick up more like Nicks. He will sometimes come out in some of Aaron's clothing and walk around like he is modeling it.  So cute!!!  He has such a sense of humor.  We are so proud of how much he is growing and of his heart for worship.  He is such a blessing and joy and teaches us so much.

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