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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Alex - 18                     
Alex recently celebrated his 18th birthday and will be graduating this coming year from high school.  He is our family comedian and keeps us in stitches most days.  Even though you will receive some kind of goofy answer from him most days, he has a real depth to him that comes out in his song writing.
He is still part of his band "Goodbye Skyline" and they have had several "gigs" this past year.  Alex writes most of the songs and plays a variety of instruments.  Bass, guitar, harmonica, keyboard and the latest - drums.  He has a God given talent in music and will pick up an instrument and learn how to play it.  This past year he has been asked to play the drums at various events.
Alex desires to continue to pursue his musical gifts and talents. Goodbye Skyline has started working on recording their music, so who knows maybe you will see them on i-tunes in 2012.  I have attached one of their songs to the sidebar of this blog.

Alex is also very involved with his youth group and has taken some of the boys with special needs under his wing and helps them out at youth events and outings.  He has a real gift with children and babysits two young boys who have some special needs.  They love "their Alex" and he always comes home with a funny story about Luke & George.     We are so proud of the compassion that Alex has for others and enjoy his comical relief.

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