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Sunday, December 25, 2011


 Nick - 22

Nick has spend this past year working at World Market and started working at Barnes & Noble's coffee shop this past fall.  He is a dedicated employee and has enjoyed this new experience.  He is also getting quite good at making coffee.  He has taken his hand a cooking and made us Indian food while Brittaney was home visiting from Chico. It was awesome.  He also makes a mean chicken salad, a preference of mine.   He has been writing worship songs and plans to continue to write more of them. He has two of them recorded that I have attached to the sidebar of this blog.                
He has been involved in an informal internship with the church we attend. It is his desire to see this turn into more of a formal internship, as his heart is to be in ministry. He really enjoys working with the youth and has become and awesome leader and encourager. He is still involved in playing worship at youth and the once a month worship nights that our church has, called Belongings.  Nick enjoys being creative in many ways. He has made some really creative art projects for the Belongings events and  he put together an Angry Bird's Game for a  guys youth night - it was a huge hit with both the guys and the gals.
We are so proud of the generous and loving son and big brother that Nick is. We are so encouraged to see him serve the Lord with his many giftings and talents.

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