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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Audriona - 12

Audriona is almost at the "teenager" stage.  She started attending youth with her brothers this past year and loves it.  We call her Brittaney's "twin" because she looks so much like her at her age and her style and personality are somewhat similar. 

Audriona loves to bake and is making goodies for us all the time. She is also very organized and loves to make lists. David takes her with to do the grocery shopping because she remembers what we need and is a great shopper. She has become my second brain.

Audriona is very gifted in administrative things and she loves to dance.  She made up a dance for our church talent show this year and performed it.  All the girls are attending our Friday Co-op and Audriona and Angelina are studying California History.  They both love to make extra projects for it and have become very creative and unique in their ideas. We are so proud of Audiona's initiative to learn new things and to complete tasks without being told to do them.  She is such a great helper.

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