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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Aaron - 16
Aaron turned "sweet 16" this year and I do have to say it has been a sweet year.  He has grown and matured so much this year.  He works at a car repair shop in the afternoons (Brittaney's old job) for who he says is the "best boss in the world".  He is very blessed to have one of the best bosses. 

He even took Aaron fishing during Thanksgiving break.  His boss really speaks highly of Aaron. We actually have many people tell us how much they love Aaron and his smile.  He is quite the charmer (always has been).  He is also an excellent debater and communicator.  We are looking into some debate and speech classes for next year school.  

He loves to dress up and is complimented all the time on how nice he looks or how nice it is to see young people dress up.  Aaron will always strike up a conversation were ever we go and is always asking people how they are and telling them to have a nice day. 

Aaron loves to act and dress the part. This past year Aaron and Alex helped Brittaney with her Summer Day Camp at her church.  They did a renaissance theme and Brittaney wrote the script for all the skits. Aaron played the main role, Lamont.  They had so much fun shooting the footage for the videos and then acting out the rest of the skits live during Camp week.  I was able to help that week and they did such an awesome job.

Aaron is also very involved with our churches youth group and is a very good encourager to many of the kids.  He receives calls from both youth and their parents asking him to talk with their children.  He has a real pastoral call on his life.  He has been taking 3 outside classes this year and has been doing well in them.  This has been a challenge but I have seen him rising up to that challenge. He are so proud of who Aaron is - he has always been his own person.

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