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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Angelina - 10

Angelina is growing into a beautiful young lady.  She has a real love for animals and helped Aaron recently take care of our neighbors dog - Simba.
     She is a very loving, affecinate girl. She loves to sing and this past year she receited all the names of the books of the Bible for her church sunday school and was awarded a gift card from Toys R us. She also receited the books at the church talent show. This past year we studied the "Little House on the Prairie"
series of books for Co-op and Brittaney's friend Reno's mom made prairie dresses for the three girls.  They were so cute and we had so much fun studying the prairie days and westward movement in history.  Angelina loves to read.
Angelina loves to make friends and is always making friends in the neighborhood and were ever we go.  We are so proud of her compassion and love for animals.  She has such a tender heart.

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