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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Limeade Sparkler Recipes

Limeade Sparkler Recipes    

by Michelle Jones, Founder of

Taco Bell® has been my favorite fast food restaurant for many years. Their food is yummy, fast, and affordable; even for a family of 6. Their special icy beverages are tasty too, but not as affordable. The Classic Limeade Sparkler is my favorite. Tastes just like a margarita, without the alcohol. Yum!
So, we make them at home and save a ton of money. Kudos to TacoBell® for giving us this delightful treat!


2 liter of lemon-lime soda (Sprite, Sierra Mist or store band - or diet)
1/2 can frozen limeade, thawed just a bit (store brand)
1/2 can frozen cherry or raspberry limeade, thawed just a bit (store brand)
Crushed ice
1 Lime, sliced   (or lime juice)
Recipe serves 6

Place one spoonful of frozen limeade in each glass. The amount you use is up to you, but I'd say about a teaspoon is good. We also like to mix the flavors, a little limeade and a little cherry to make it less sour. Recover frozen limeade cans and store in freezer for future use.

Add crushed ice to each glass, to the top.

Pour lemon-lime soda in each glass, pouring on the side of the glass to keep it fizzy. Do NOT stir. Leave the limeade flavoring on the bottom so it will look pretty and taste great.

Enjoy on one of those HOT days~ Pin It

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