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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mama's Monthly Goals - May

clip_image002   These were my goals for April. I have crossed of the ones I have completed and made notations on some of the others.  


  • Get up at 7 each morning
  • Morning Prayer/Bible Time 3 x week
  • finish phase 1 & 2 of 17-day Diet
  • Exercise 2 x week
  • Catch up on Perspectives Study (behind a lesson- 2 personal responses due)

  • Set up date nights (plan 2 for month – set date for weekend way for anniversary
  • Praying 3 x week for David - Use Prayer Calendar    I did not use calendar
  • Write 2 cards/notes of appreciation to Hubby - (I gave him 1 card)

  • Morning Devotion with Jon & Girls 4 x week
  • Pray Daily Children 3 x week - Use Prayer Calendar
  • Set Goals for Jonathan – e-mail to rep.

Holidays – Seasons:
  • Easter Clings up on Window
  • Easter Resurrection Eggs – Learning Tree – more on this to follow
  • Easter Bucket List – complete at least 1/2 the activities
  • Natures Study Outing and 2 Activities from the Handbook of Nature Study (I made the copies so they are ready to go)

  • Phonics- Speech 3 x week Audri
  • Re-establish Weekly – Monthly Habits Training

  • April Monthly Cleaning Weekend
  • 5 Freezer Meals Prepared

De-clutter List:
  • school area in garage
  • school closet in kitchen

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:
  • Get Cards Organized to Start Sending
  • Gift/Card for secret sister

  • Tune up – Smog Cars – Registration (working on this)
  • Go over monthly budget with Hubby
  • Set up cash amount – envelopes for grocery/household expenses

Blogging/Online Activity:
  • Manage Time working on Blog – 2 x week (cut my time down but not to 2 days)

Mama Jenn  on 48% of my goals

leaving 52%  Mission NOT Accomplished YET

Over half of my goals I am not accomplishing so I decided to filter them through the SMART Technique of setting goals.
I asked myself if the goals I am having a hard time reaching are:
  •  Specific enough or too broad
  • Mesaurable by an appropriate unit of measurement
  • Attainable for my situation and season of life
  • Realistic and relevant to my life right now
  • Too many or too small of an amount of Time to accomplish the goal
With that in mind, I have set my goals for May and adjusted some of the goals I have not yet accomplished.

May 2012 Goals

Get up at 7am in the moring
Walk 2 x week
T-Tap exercise 2x week
Perspectives - Lessons Complete
Perspectives final project

Saturday moring coffee date with David
Praying Daily for David - (Use Prayer Calendar - if needed)
Make Anniversary Gift

Morning Devotion with Jon & Girls (2x week)
Pray Daily Children - (Use Prayer Calendar - if needed)
Plan Shekinah's Birthday Party
Make Birthday Invitations
Hand out - Mail Invitations

Phonics- Speech - 3x week Audri
Re-establish Weekly Habits - 2 times this month
Plan Alex Graduation - Meet with Lyndi
Alex Graduation Pictures
Alex Graduation announcements made and mailed
Course Studies for end year for Alex & Aaron
Final Co-op projects for Girls
Finish Book  & Biography Reports for Girls

Monthly Cleaning Weekend
Cook and Freeze ground hamburger
Cook and Freeze Chicken Breasts
Plan Meal for Alex Graduation

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:
Gift for Secret Sister

Take care of Bus
Registration on one vechicle
Follow up on IHSS

Blogging/Online Activity:
Limit Blog time to afternoons / evenings

We have some fun and exciting family events coming up this month and June, so I will need to be focused on getting certains tasks done.  Having these Monthly Goals will help.
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