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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Missionary is Flexible

CET Mexico 2004 151

When our three oldest where younger we were a part of a Children’s Evangelism Team (CET for short).  This was an awesome experience for us as a family and for my missionary daughter it was the beginning of her formal missionary training.  During the training part of the CET program we talked about different qualities of a missionary. (by the way, we are all called to be missionaries – Matthew 28:16-20 )

A Missionary sees a need and fills it CET Mexico 2004 242
A Missionary prays
A Missionary is flexible
A Missionary packs light

The team of children came up with different skits to show these points, they journaled about them, they prayed about them and  they shared testimonies about the ones God was growing and stretching them in.

PICT2476Three of these points came very easily for this girl.  But one of them was a real challenge.

 I remember my missionary daughter just struggling…

 I mean struggling with flexibility…
This was a girl, who as a child was thrown off if we did not sit down and eat breakfast at the table.  Once a week I attended a ladies Bible study and if we were running late I would throw dry cereal in zip lock bags for my 3 kiddos, at the time, for breakfast (we were not morning people).  My two boys loved this, but for my missionary daughter…  this just threw her off.Album-October 2006 - 011
This was a girl who loved schedules… but if we were not doing what it said at 9:00 at 9:00, she was thrown off.  I used to tell her, “we are not a slave to our schedule, it is our guide.”  I had to stop putting times on the schedules  for awhile because it was just to frustrating for her. 
This was a girl that was completely thrown off when we used our coach pillows to make pillows for our kitchen chairs.
She was (and still is) organized, detail oriented and  loves schedules.  These were all wonderful qualities and ones that I knew God was using in her and would continue to use.  


            there was this little issue of flexibility (or should I say – inflexibility)
                                        that she struggled with… 


Her Savior…  the lover of her soul…  met her in that season and began to stretch her and grow her.  He has continued to do so over the years.  

I have been blessed to watch this growth, pray for her during the stretching times and rejoice with her in her triumphs as she has overcome the obstacles of inflexibility…


1393749_10202579678796846_142396971_n  today this girl…
this full fledged missionary daughter posted this blog entry…
Glitches? Nah, it’s God again- In the DETAILS  
I should be leaving for Brazil in 3  hours, but alas, I am not. 
“Why?” You ask. 
Cause God knows what he’s doing.

today this girl is walking into her destiny…
                           as an overcomer…

                As I read her post, my heart was “full.” 

You can read the complete story
                         and follow my missionary daughters journey here:
“ To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life,
which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.”       Revelation 2:7

Rejoicing in His love and grace~ Pin It

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