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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up – Weeks 18

Weeks 16 –17 we finished up our Advent items, Celebrated Christmas and New Years. 

DSCN1541DSCN1578 DSCN1728

We entertained company throughout, with my sister visiting for 4 days, and a few of our missionary daughters friends visiting at two different times. We had allot of family time together and enjoyed having our whole family home and together.

We celebrated hubby’s birthday. And then we said goodbye to our missionary daughter as she headed back to her “other” home.

This week it was back to reality, so to speak, as we worked on getting back on a “school” routine. We took some time to review and remind ourselves of out routines for the day. (After a break, this is always a good thing) We are finishing up our Unit on Europe this month. We will be coving 3 more countries of Europe, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany.  We started our YWAM biography on George Muller, which we are enjoying.


My Golden Girl finished her intermediate math book during break… yes she did math during break, cause she was motivated to her advanced book this new quarter.  We had some baking fun.  And we received our much awaited approval letter on the home we are wanting to purchase.  (We are now in Phase 3 – the final stages of purchase) We spend part of the break de-cluttering and boxing up things do we do not daily use. This month we have a goal of completing a box a day in between schooling for the day.

DSCN1889  DSCN1918 DSCN1920

So that was some of the highlights of our week. 

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