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Monday, January 14, 2013

365 days – days 8 - 14

This week…

I have been contemplating how living in the moment is not always…
               this warm, fuzzy feeling.

that sometimes living in the moment brings emotions that are…
                    raw… painful… revealing

sometimes the moment brings emotions that are…
                  not attractive… yet real

      laced with concern, worry, fear

But when turned to the Lord…

brought to His feet…

        laid at His throne…   
                  of mercy and grace

bring us to a place of comfort….

     peace…   rest…  rejoicing

Days 8 – 14 of Living in the moment…

Day 8 – heart desire-ache to see youth know you in worship
Day 9 – time spent hearing fellow mommies hearts
Day 10 -  reading together on coach…  real close
Day 11 – concern and worry over house
Day 12 - emotions – raw and real over special son
Day 13 – worshiping with people who we have grown to love and call family
Day 14 – family rest time together

pausing and counting those moments… daily~

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