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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

The character of His children are a reflection of their Fathers love..
                            …children are a reflection of their Father.


The best of this man…
 is reflected in each of our children..


In Nick -

I see your love for current events, politics and history…

   …and your gentle strength.


In Brittaney –

I see your all or nothing approach to life…

… and your passion for those you love.


In Alex –

I see your sense of humor, love for music…

… and your love and compassion for children.


In Aaron –

I see your drive for justice…

… and your inventiveness and creativity.


In Jonathan –

I see your wonder for life…

… and your resilience and perseverance.


In Audriona –

I see your loyalty and competiveness…

… and your desire to take care of those you love.


In Angelina –

I see your candidness, (Jersey attitude)

… and your sense for adventure.


In Shekinah –

I see your hot and cold range of emotions…

… and your desire to talk, and talk and talk -
                                        about the things you love.

A Father…
provides the fountain of strength, wisdom and hope…

… so that his children may build their dreams upon it.

Thank you for providing that fountain of strength, perserverance and love...

                                            ... so our children can dream.

His son is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact likeness of God’s being.  He holds everything together through his powerful words.   Hebrews 1:3

Happy Father's Day - to the most dedicated dad I know~

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Brittaney :) said...

love it!