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Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary

After 27 years of marriage…

david & i 2 001 This man’s deep love for me….
still takes my breath away. DSC00459

david & I 3 001 (2) This man’s dedication... 
still astonishes and humbles me. DSC00163

david & I 3 001 This man’s perseverance and resilience ...
still amazes me.  DSC00142

david & I 001 (2) This man’s smile..
still brings me so much joy.  101_1994

david & I 001 This man’s faithfulness and devotion...
still honors and covers me.  DSC00154

david & i 2 001 (2)   This man is still…
the love of my life. 2010 163

Happy  Anniversary Babe,

Thank you for sharing, enduring,  experiencing, dreaming and living this life with me.

I love you more today…
Always and forever,
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