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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Picture Books & Paper Trees

Cover art
Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree
Came by special delivery.
Full and fresh and glistening green--
The biggest tree he'd ever seen.

That was the trouble. The tree was so tall, it couldn't stand up straight in his parlor. Mr. Willowby asked his butler to chop off the top of the tree. What happens to the treetop? Where will it be for Christmas? Snuggle up with this story and follow along through a forest full of friendly creatures who get to share in a bit of Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas joy. After reading Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, make some of your own trees to share with others.

☆  Ten paper Christmas tree crafts for kids of all ages -even adult kids. :) 
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Day-1---tree   Christmas tree from strips of wrapping paper - pinned to a styrofoam cone.
German paper enthusiast making Christmas decorations and wrapping solutions since 2007. Click through to see his "endless" ideas ;-)  Simple Christmas Craft Idea
Click on the pictures to go directly to the links that show you how to make each tree.

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