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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Bithdays are a special way to not only create special memories but it gives us an opportunity to pour into our family members and to let them know how special they are.  My family had that opportunity this week and I was the recipient of their love and grace.

 This week I turned 53.  My day started with breakfast in bed, made and served by my 3 youngest daughters.  Not only did they make me breakfast but they made cards and gave me special gifts they had made.  My golden girl gave me a quilt she had been making since Christmas.  In fact the kit she made the quilt from was her Christmas gift.  I was so moved that she choose to sacrifice this gift for me. 

My oldest son took me out to lunch and we enjoyed good food and wonderful fellowship.

 I came home to homemade signs and posters.

For dinner my family went and got my favorite food - chinese. We enjoyed a meal together - felt like I ate all day - but it was fun!!!

Then my hubby took me out to get me a new camera. I can home and took lots of pics with it.

It was a good day~ Pin It

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