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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Faithful Love

Today you celebrate 52 years of life... 
                                           my faithful husband and father to our children.

To celebrate the kids and I came up with a list of 52 reasons why we love you...

1. you are a faithful husband
2. you are a loving father
3. your sense of humor
4. your compassion
5. your sense of Justice
6. your obsessive need to talk history & politics
7. you spoil us - in creative ways
8. you are a good example of meekness
9. you are a good conversationalist
10. because you are hardworking
11. you're our version of Wikipedia - Daveipedia
12. taking the time to drive me back and forth to Chico
13. long talks about random "Dad" stuff
14. encouraging me to follow my dreams
15. for setting an example in work ethics
16. because you have crazy conspiratist theories
17. you gave us a love for old classic movies
18. you connect with us in our interests
19. your 70's fashion references                    
20. you gave us a love for music
21. you impart into us the things you love
22. you are loyal
23. introducing us to Man vs Food
24. you love to laugh
25. you are patient in teaching us new things
26. your dedication to people you love
27. because you are really funny 
28. your mathematical mind
29. your outside of the box way of thinking
30. tickling me til I laugh
31.your love for motorcycles and taking me for rides
32. you always seem to find $1.00 in change to take me to am/pm for a drink
33. you will watch endless episodes of Hogan's Hero's with me
34.  for always taking me grocery shopping with you
35. you are the best dad to price compare at the grocery store
36. for teaching us to play chess
37. for not letting me win a checkers so I became a good player and can beat you now
38. you would put your arm in a fire...  up to here for us
39. finding crazy TV series for us to watch
40. introducing us to some of the greatest songwriters
41. you are the greatest dad in the whole wide world
42. you are really kind
43. when I am sad you try to cheer me up
44. when I was little I did not have to use my allowance - you would pay for my things
45. you are  really, really, really, really, really smart
46. because I love you...
47. because you take me to the $ store
48. because  you buy me things
49. because you let me still crawl into bed with you and mommy
50. you let me watch stuff on your nook with you
51. you are a wonderful Dad
 52. You give your life each day for us...
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